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The 13th Century Castle that dominates the town of Estremoz has been greatly restored. The strong fortification of the town acted as a strategic deterrent in the War of Independence and in the War of the Two Brothers. The high tower Torre das Três Coroas is the main feature of this town. Also within the walls is a fine Pousada built on the ruins of the old Palace named after Queen Dona Isabel de Aragon who died there in 1367. A Chapel named after this kindly Queen records the story of her life in 18th Century tiles and in the “Miracle of the Roses”. In the Town Square is the remains of a fine palace now used as the Municipal Museum with archaeological finds and several rooms restored to their original splendor. In the same square is an impressive palace from the same period that has been taken over as the Town Hall building. Close by is the 17th Century Touca Palacio housing some fine 17th Century tiles. Within town there are churches and buildings dating from the 15th Century. This town is known today for its handcrafted small charming clay figurines.